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3 Pack White Attractive Pagoda Paper Lanterns

Item Number: LANT_PG_001

Attractive Pagoda Paper Lanterns - White- 3 PCS
3 Pack White Attractive Pagoda Paper Lanterns
Attractive Pagoda Paper Lanterns - White- 3 PCS
$8.99 Sale Price (Only $2.99 each lantern)
$13.04 Retail Price

  • Quantity- 3pcs/order
  • Color - White
  • Size- 14"D x 11"H

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Our uniquely shaped paper lanterns are a perfect party accent to enhance the visual appeal and festive feel of any jollification. These whimsical decorative accessories not only add flair and dimension to any party space, transforming it from ordinary to simply EXTRAORDINARY!, but also act as a budget friendly alternative to other costly decorative adornments. Our Pagoda shaped paper lantern is perfect to complement your Feng Shui or eco-inspired decorations. This lantern is held open with a wire expander and has a distinctive stylish design.

This geometric decorative piece will transform your space into a relaxing retreat with its soft paper texture and inspiring chic shape. Bring tranquil components to your home decoration, indoor family feast, or an outdoor Holiday party with this exquisite piece. These hanging lanterns are perfect to add a celebratory mood to weddings, birthday parties, fiestas, carnivals, or barbeques. These pagoda shaped paper lanterns look simply amazing while clustered with other paper lanterns of different shapes and colors. Create a colorful and fun party atmosphere by coordinating our paper lanterns with other hanging decorative items and accessories.

Additional Information:
- Pagoda Paper Lanterns
- Color - White
- Quantity- 3pcs/order
- Size- 14"Dx11"H

Uses: Wedding, Event, Birthday, Party, Ceiling Decoration, Hanging Decor


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