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3" Tall Gold Illuminating Square Votive Tealight Wedding Crystal Candle Holder

Item Number: CHDLR_CAND_004_GOLD

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$524.50 Retail Price

  • Approximate Size-3" wide x 3" long x 3" tall
  • 12 acrylic crystals per side (3 tall x 4 long)
  • Elevated with 4 round feet on bottom of holder

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Simply Stunning! Create a surreal display of bedazzling glimmer with our bejeweled square Crystal Candle Holder. Use this elegant piece to romantically illuminate your special events ambiance or home environment. The glitzy arrangement of sparkly crystals makes it an ideal way to add exotic sparkle and ethereal sheen to any party or banquet table. Make a stunning addition to your wedding or special party decorations by creating a glamorous display with an individual crystal candle holder, a pair of crystal votive holders, and even a group of different sized and shaped candle holders. Our metallic silver trimmed votive holder is embellished with sparkly crystals that will adorn your tables, book shelves, mantle or aisle in the most luxuriously magical manner! See how mystic silhouettes are formed once you place a tea light, votive or a candle inside it!

Additional Information:
- Size-3" wide x 3" long x 3" tall
- 12 crystals per side (3tall x 4long)
- Elevated with 4 round feet on bottom of holder
- Uses Birthday, Wedding, Party, Table Decoration, Event Decoration, Centerpieces,  Candle holder


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