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4 Bunches Fall Leaves( Sold Out )

Item Number: ARTI_D09x4


  • Leaves are Approx. 3" long x 3" wide
  • Total length of bunch : Approx. 18"
  • Total extended width of bunch: Approx. 25"
  • Leaves are non-separable from stems
  • One order is for 4 bushes
  • These are artificial, not fresh flowers

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Colorful leaves make a great addition to any vase flower arrangements. And when using leaves, the ones you get during fall season come in pretty hues of green, red, orange and brown. But what if its not fall? Or if gathering stalks of fall leaves is beyond inconvenient?

Here at efavormart, we offer the realistic silk alternative to the real thing. These lovely darlings will definitely add vibrance to your vase flower arrangements in-doors and out. In fact, when hanged on the stairwell, columns or on walls, you can either have a fall season or jungle theme to your event. If you'd like to keep them clipped in a tight bunch, fall leaves can be combined with various silk flowers to create lovely bouquets. In fact, fall leaves are economical, easy to clean, and wont fade. Dont be held back by mother nature anymore. Get your fall leaves when you want them here at efavortmart for that wedding or decoration theme that you want.

Additional Information:

-Leaves are Approx. 3" long x 3" wide
-Total length of bunch: Approx. 18"
-Total extended width of bunch: Approx. 25"
-Leaves are non-separable from stems
-One order is for 4 bushes