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4 Pack | 31" Tall | Gold PVC | 10mm Crystal Beaded French Inspired Mirror Mosaic Design | Column Pedestal Plant Stand Pot

Item Number: PROP_ROMA_23

4 Pack | 31
4 Pack | 31
$125.98 Sale Price (Only $31.49 each column)
$182.67 Retail Price

QTY: 4 Pedestal Pots/Order
Material: PVC
Product Height: 31"
Top Width: 9"
Base Width: 9"
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.
Rubber Weights added at the Bottom for Stability.

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Display Italian Columns:

Relive the French reminiscence of architectural splendidness and grandeur by decorating your home or party space with our inspiring selection of Contemporary style decorative French Columns, Flower Pots, and Pillars. Made from high quality PVC material, these classy Columns will bring the glorious touch of 19th Century French architecture into your special events, imparting a Grand imperial touch to your decorations. 

 Decorative Columns:

Studded with shimmering crystal beads, these columns will reflect surreal light, creating an absolutely bedazzling spectacle of festive luminosity. Use these splendid columns on their own, or place our French inspired flower pots atop to display a whimsical harmony of beauty and color. 

Multipurpose & Versatile:

Let these columns stand tall by your passage way or stage side, reminding of the glorious past, and exuding a modish charm all around. Decorate with our ivy garlands, pearl flowers, glitter accented leaves, ribbons, bows, or LEDs. Glam your events venue up with these triumphant columns standing proud, bedazzling your guests with their exultancy! 

 Additional Information:

  • QTY: 4 Pedestal Pots/Order
  • Material: PVC
  • Product Height: 31"
  • Top Width: 9"
  • Base Width: 9"
  • Rubber Weights added at the bottom for stability. Can also put sandbags inside the columns to stabilize it
  • Can Hold Weight Upto: 20-25 LBS ( Max.)
  • All sizes are approximate measurements
  • Pedestal column pots come with Mirror Mosaic and studded with 10mm Crystal Beads. Additional decorations not included.
  • Uses: Floral Arrangements, Wedding Decor, Aisle Decor, Indoor & Outdoor Designs, Artworks, Stage Props, Wedding Ceremonies, Photography Props, Backdrops Ideas, Landscapes, and DIY Background Designing.


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