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4 Pack Red Rose Pomander Kissing Flower Balls

Item Number: ARTI_2811_REDx4

$25.99 Sale Price (Only $6.49 each kissing ball)
$39.57 Retail Price

  • Size : 7” Diameter
  • Organza Hanging Ribbon Included
  • 1 Qty = 4 Kissing Balls
  • Used as Hanging Decor & DIY

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Pomander Rose Kissing Balls are a beautiful way to add elegance, beauty, and color into your decorations and celebrations. Fresh flowers, however, do not remain fresh for long time, and begin to wilt and wither soon your decorate them. With our silk kissing balls, you can decorate your ambiance with peace of mind knowing that your kissing balls will always remain fresh and radiant. Accentuate your wedding flowers and décor with these silky, smooth kissing balls. Use these hanging decorations to dress up the wedding aisle, decorate an outdoor arch, or use as an alternative to flower girl baskets. Perfect for both flower girls, and bridesmaids, these undying silk rose kissing balls will be a focal point of your celebrations. Either hang these to create an eye-catching hanging centerpiece, or top these upon tall vases, jars, and bowls for a sophisticated arrangement. Whether you are hosting a garden party, a birthday celebrations, shower event, or a wedding dinner, our gorgeous Pomander rose kissing balls will bring an elegant and mystic twist to your decorations.

  • Ball Diameter : Approx. 7"
  • Hanging Ribbon : Organza Ribbon included
  • 1 Qty = 4 Kissing Balls ( 1 + 3 Free), other accessories not included
  • These are artificial, not fresh flowers
  • Uses - Backdrops, Ceilings, Dress Making, Prom Dresses, Runners, Hanging Decor, DIY


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