Portable Isolation Wall with Artificial Grass Wall Panels, Floor Standing Sneeze Guard 4FT x 9FT

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Quantity: 1 Set Table Divider

Item Includes:

  • 1 Custom Adjustable Backdrop Stand With Steel Base
  • 12 Velcro Straps
  • 8 Artificial Grass Wall Panels

Backdrop Stand

  • Size: Adjustable, Max 10ftx10ft
  • Material: Metal
  • Comes With:
    • 2 Stand Bases: 18" long x 18" wide x 3/16" thick
    • 2 Adjustable Height Support Stands: 5FT (smallest) to 10FT (longest)
    • 1 Adjustable Width Telescopic Cross Bars: 4FT (smallest) to 10FT (longest)
    • Pole Diameter: 1.25"
    • Cross Bar Diameter: 3cm Largest end

Velcro Straps:

  • Total Velcro Straps: 12 Pcs
  • Material: Fabric Material w/Velcro Fastener
  • Size: 8" Long x 0.5" Wide
  • Self Gripping: Yes (Wraps onto itself)
  • Features: Reusable, Durable and Adjustable, Easy to use

    Artificial Grass Wall Panels:

    • Durable & Dense boxwood hedge
    • Material: Plastic
    • Total Wall Panels: 8pcs
    • Each Panel Size: 24" x 16"
    • Panel Thickness: 1"
    Simple Set-Up, Easy To Assemble
    Note: This Isolation Wall Kit Combo is for size 4FT Wide x 9FT High
    There will be 3.5 FT of space from the Bottom. Can adjust to preference


    Enhance Your Event with the Portable Isolation Wall in Artificial Grass

    As life slowly returns to normal and businesses and event industries adapt to the necessary social distancing protocols, ensuring the safety of our guests, employees, customers, or students has become paramount. Introducing our Portable Isolation Wall with Artificial Grass Wall Panels, a versatile and multifunctional solution that combines safety with aesthetic appeal. This freestanding sneeze guard not only provides the protection needed but also adds a touch of natural beauty to your party or event space.

    Designed with convenience in mind, our Portable Isolation Wall comes with adjustable telescopic stands that allow you to customize the height according to your needs. The UV protected greenery wall mats bring the refreshing vibes of the outdoors indoors, creating a soothing atmosphere for your guests. With self-gripping Velcro straps, you can securely fasten the panels in place, ensuring stability throughout your event.

    Whether you're hosting an indoor or outdoor function, a small gathering or a grand wedding, our Portable Isolation Wall is the perfect addition to your event decor. Its super wide 10 ft. width offers a significantly larger coverage area compared to Plexiglas or acrylic substitutes, all at a fraction of the cost. Create stunning visual backdrops, separate tables or desks, or utilize it to create directional queuing in passages or hallways. The possibilities are endless with this versatile and multifunctional sneeze guard.


    Unsurpassed Protection with Artificial Grass Wall Panels

    Our Artificial Grass Wall Panels not only provide a natural and visually appealing backdrop but also offer unparalleled protection. Crafted with UV protection, these greenery wall mats ensure durability and longevity, even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. The lush green grass panels create a sense of tranquility and serenity, transporting your guests to a peaceful oasis.

    With our Portable Isolation Wall, you can have peace of mind knowing that your event is adhering to social distancing guidelines without compromising on style. The self-gripping Velcro straps keep the panels securely in place, preventing any accidental dislodging. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a party, or a corporate event, our Artificial Grass Wall Panels will elevate the ambiance while providing the necessary protection.

    Not only are our Artificial Grass Wall Panels functional, but they are also incredibly versatile. Use them individually or connect multiple panels to create wider partitions, walls, or even unique structures like cubes or L-shapes. Transform your event space into a work of art with these decorative isolation walls. Let your creativity flow and design a setup that perfectly complements your event theme and style.


    Elevate Your Event Decor with the Floor Standing Sneeze Guard

    Introducing our Floor Standing Sneeze Guard, an essential addition to your event decor that combines functionality with style. This sneeze guard not only provides the necessary protection but also adds an elegant touch to your event space. With its portable and freestanding design, you can easily position it wherever needed, ensuring the safety and comfort of your guests, customers, and employees.

    Our Floor Standing Sneeze Guard features a sleek and modern design, perfectly complemented by the artificial grass wall panels. The combination of the clear protective barrier and the lush greenery creates a visually stunning setup that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a party, or a corporate event, this sneeze guard will seamlessly blend into your event decor.

    Not only does our Floor Standing Sneeze Guard provide protection, but it also offers versatility. Use it to separate tables or desks, create designated seating areas, or guide your guests through directional queuing. Its portable nature allows you to adapt to any event setup, whether indoors or outdoors. Ensure the safety of your guests while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your event with our Floor Standing Sneeze Guard.


    Additional Information:

    • Backdrop Stand
      • Capacity: 25 lbs max
      • Total Weight: 34.58 lbs
      • Cross bar locking system at top of 2 support stands
      • How to set up:
        • Connect the support stand to the base
        • Insert the adjustable width telescopic cross bar on top of the stand
        • To Tighten: Turn Knob RIGHT
        • To Loosen: Turn Knob LEFT
    • Velcro Strips
      • Can be combined if too short or cut to size if too long
      • Perfect to fasten up DIY decorations to walls, ceilings, arches, chairs, tables, poles, and columns.
    • Artificial Grass Wall Panels
      • Durable & Dense boxwood hedge
      • Anti-fading yarn; UV Protected
      • High quality materials used; offers a more genuine and softer touch
      • Reinforced backing with built-in pin & hole locking
      • Thicker sturdy backing with drainage
    • Uses: Offices, Schools, Gyms, Restaurants, Hair & Nail Salons, Casinos, Churches, and many other businesses and organizations.


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      Portable boxwood wall for photography
      real user review Portable Isolation Wall with Artificial Grass Wall Panels, Floor Standing Sneeze Guard 4FT x 9FT
      I had a photo session where I needed a greenery wall. I came upon this site and found they had a whole package which included the stand and boxwood panels. It was perfect. It came very quickly and was exactly what I needed for my session.
      Laura Y.
      Verified Buyer
      real user review Portable Isolation Wall with Artificial Grass Wall Panels, Floor Standing Sneeze Guard 4FT x 9FT
      Looked fantastic as a backdrop for my wedding shower!
      Alejandra M.
      Verified Buyer
      Worth the money!
      The metal stand is great quality and fairly heavy so there is no worries of it ever tipping over. They provide instructions to set up the stand but not the grass wall panels. Doesn’t seem too hard thought, I don’t think we will have any issues figuring it out! Great buy!
      Aggie S.
      Verified Buyer
      Flamingo pool party
      real user review Portable Isolation Wall with Artificial Grass Wall Panels, Floor Standing Sneeze Guard 4FT x 9FT
      Great easy set ip
      Sheila S.
      Verified Buyer
      Excellent product
      real user review Portable Isolation Wall with Artificial Grass Wall Panels, Floor Standing Sneeze Guard 4FT x 9FT
      This is the most ideal product to maintain a privacy border, or decor between booths in an indoor or outdoor setting
      Haris K.
      Verified Buyer
      real user review Portable Isolation Wall with Artificial Grass Wall Panels, Floor Standing Sneeze Guard 4FT x 9FT
      This wall is beautiful
      donna s.
      Verified Buyer