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5 PCS | 6x108" Tea Green Lace Chair Sash

Item Number: SASHP_LACE_021

5pc x JOLLY GOOD Lace Chair Sashes - Tea Green
5pc x JOLLY GOOD Lace Chair Sashes - Tea Green
5pc x JOLLY GOOD Lace Chair Sashes - Tea Green
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$7.96 Retail Price

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Chair sashes play a very important role in heightening the elegance and sophistication of any event's decor. They add color, dimension, and texture to ordinary banquet chairs, which is where your guests will spend a considerable part of the evening. Our classical lace chair sashes bring that vintage touch to your party settings that many couples seek to achieve, with a homey feel and relaxed mood, your guests will surely have the best time celebrating your special day with you. The high quality lace has intricately been fashioned to give that sheer delicate-looking texture to the chair sashes that will exude oodles of elegance and imperial sophistication to your wedding decor. Besides being a classy and swish choice for weddings and parties, these chair sashes fit perfectly to those jolly moments at home with friends that you rejoice while relishing your home baked delights and cherishing those heart to heart talks with your close ones!

  • Each order is for 5 sashes. Sashes are shipped untied.
  • Approximate Measurement: Approx. 6" wide x 108" long
  • Lace style. Material: Polyester
  • How to Care: Dry clean only.
  • For sashes only, does not include any other decoration.
  • Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration



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