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50g Green Preserved Natural Moss Grass DIY Gift Box Fillers

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Quantity: 50g/bag
Material: Preserved Fine Fescue Grass
Color: Green
Weight: 50g
Perfect for decoration, basket filler, bouquet fillers, gift wrap accessories



Attractive Natural Moss Grass

Give your crafts and décor projects a visually attractive look and woodsy charm with our loose Preserved Fine Fescue Moss Grass. The natural look and texture of this grass invites touch and adds dimension to any space and project. Crafted from preserved fine fescue grass, this moss filler is easy to work with. 


Fill it in baskets, jars, terrariums, and bowls to exude earthy elegance, or work it into desired forms and shapes to attain that thematic coherence. Perfect for school projects, forest or woodland theme décor, and as a filler to cover unsightly spaces.

Unleash Creativity

Let your creativity run wild and fashion most whimsical centerpieces, floral arrangements, candle décor, backdrop accents, and tabletop decorations with our loose moss grass.

Additional Information:

  • Quantity: 50g/bag
  • Material: Preserved Fine Fescue Grass
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 50g
  • Uses: Birthday Gifts, Wedding Boxes, DIY Materials, Craft Project, Decorations
  • Choking Hazard : Keep out of reach of children