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55"W x 90"H White Metal Wedding Arch

Item Number: IRON_ARCH_001

$19.99 Sale Price
$28.99 Retail Price

  • Size: 55"W x 90"H
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: White
  • Easy to decorate

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A beautifully decorated wedding arch is a wonderful addition to any wedding ceremony. This surreal vibrancy will stand out in your wedding photos for years to come and remind you of how dreamlike everything looked on your special day! Our sturdy metal wedding arch is an ideal backdrop to add flair and dimension to your wedding ambiance.

Designing an eye-catchingly impressive arch doesn't mean that it has to be heavy on your pocket, let the natural elements of the earth inspire you to fashion a breathtaking arch display. Decorate this arch easily with colorful flowers, lush fabric, or balloons in the hue that complements your wedding day theme. Let heavenly colors and fragrant blossoms surround you during the merriest moments of your life. This heavy duty metal arch can be used as a backdrop when you exchange vows or as a glamorous entryway to your reception.

Additional Information:
Contains: 4 bags of rods (total 35 rods) and 1 bag of screws (total 22)
          - Bag A & B: 4 rods
          - Bag C: 12 rods
          - Bag D: 8 rods
          - Bag E: 11 rods




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