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White Sheer Organza Chair Sash With Cherry Blossom Designs - 5pcs

Item Number: SASHP_67_015

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  • Each order is for 5 sashes. Sashes are shipped untied.
  • Approximate Measurements: 6" wide x 108" long
  • Material- Floral Organza
  • How to Care: Hand wash, hang dry.
  • Edges are serged to form an elegant look when tied into bow form.
  • For sashes only, does not include any other decoration.

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Cherry Blossom is a significant symbolic flower of the spring season, a time of renewal and blooming happiness. Cherry Blossom flowers have an un deniable merry feeling about them, they provide people a pleasantly charming sight to behold as well as carry a heavenly charisma that makes you want to smile, sing, and frolic around. Bringing the same gleeful mood and celebratory feel into your event, we present these Cherry Blossom accented chair sashes. Made from premium quality Organza material and accented with mesmeric Cherry Blossom Flowers throughout, these sashes are a true pleasurable sight to behold. Enliven your plain wedding or banquet chair covers by adorning with these floriated beauties. Let these beautiful chair sashes cast a magic spell on your guests as being mystically wrapped around per party chair, exuding heaps of enchanting elegance.

Additional Information:
Material- Organza with Cherry Blossom Pattern
Size- 6"x108"

Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration


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