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6 Ft 3 Point White Spandex Ceiling Wall Patio Sunshade Sails with Grommets

Item Number: BKDP_SPX01_05_WHT

$26.99 Sale Price
$39.99 Retail Price

  • Material: Stretch Spandex
  • Qty : 1 Pcs / Order
  • Each Side Length: 6 Ft (Approx.)
  • Total Ring Loops : 3
  • Each Loop size: 0.75"
  • Shape: Triangle
  • Feature: Wateproof and UV protected
  • Sizes listed are stretched dimensions

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Crafted from heavy duty flame retardant and UV protected stretch spandex fabric, our versatile and fully customizable Stretch Sails are perfect for stage sets and fabric backdrops, entranceways, church stage design, shade structures, contemporary projection screen, room decorations, ceiling treatments and everything in between. Make stunning ceiling installations and eye-catching backdrops, create amazing aerial and lighting effects by illuminating panels with stage lighting or install them in areas with natural light as bold stand-alone pieces. Robust two-ply stretch hem borders come with metal grommet loop for a refined presence and durability. Our modish 3 point stretch fabric panels are ideal for decorating, parties, special events, DJ Setups, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels. Whether you desire to have a perfect stage set and lighting design elements or backdrops and room decor, our Geometric Stretch Sails is here to make your event a success!

Additional Information:

  • Material: Stretch Spandex
  • Qty : 1 Drape 
  • Each Side Length: 6 Ft (Approx.)
  • Grommet Ring Loops : 3
  • Each Loop size: 0.75"
  • Shape: Triangle
  • Feature: Wateproof and UV protected
  • Creates amazing aerial and lighting effects
  • Sizes listed are stretched dimensions
  • Actual sizes and shapes may vary slightly due to the nature of stretch fabrics
  • Uses: Wedding Venues, Banquet Halls, Corporate Events, Restaurants, Photography, Photo Booth, Ceiling Decor



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