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60 Artificial Silk Iris Flowers - Cream

Item Number: ARTI_1410_CRM

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  • These beautiful silk iris flowers can be easily used with other flowers to create an elegant setting, no matter what the occasion is.
  • 60 irises in all; 12 bushes; 5 flowers per bush
  • Top to Bottom Height: Approx 13"
  • Individual flower height: Approx 2"-3" x width: Approx. 3"-5"
  • Leaves can be move up and down the stems
  • Flowers are detachable from stems
  • Accented with baby breath
  • These are artificial, not fresh flowers

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Considered as 25th anniversary flower, a bouquet of our silk Iris blooms will give your loved one an everlasting token of love to cherish and rejoice forever. Silk Iris are frequently used in contemporary and Asian styled design and make an excellent line flower for adding emphasis and accents. Intricately hand-painted petals coupled with delicate stamen and baby breath accents give these elegant beauties such life-like look that is almost impossible to be distinguished from their fresh counterparts. These gorgeous blooms are sure to be a focal point in any wedding bouquet, table centerpiece, or silk flower arrangement.

-60 irises in all; 12 bushes; 5 flowers per bush
-Top to Bottom Height: Approx 13''
-Individual flower height: Approx 2-3'' x width: Approx. 3-5''
-leaves can be move up and down the stems
-flowers are detachable from stems
-accented with baby breath

  • Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration