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8.5" Tall x 5" Base 8.5" Silver/White Queen's Castle Cake Topper Figurine

8.5" Silver/White Queen's Castle Cake Topper Figurine


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  • Material: Polyresin (Clay like)
  • Height: 8.5” Tall
  • Base: 5”

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    This white and silver fairytale castle showcases your eternal bond of love and merriment with your prince charming. Embrace this moment of magical bonding by decorating your party space in a pure enchanting manner. Add a dreamlike fairytale element into your decoration with this gorgeously hand crafted and hand painted fairytale castle. The soft white color signifies purity, peace, and pleasure, that your wedding will be bringing into your life, while the shiny silver shade stands for your glorious reign as a queen of your knights heart! Rule his heart and soul as a majestic white queen. Top your tables with these elegant castle centerpieces, amplifying the sophistication of your wedding tables, or place it proudly atop your wedding cake as an epitome of your jubilant kingdom of love. Afterwards, place this magnificent castle on your display corner at home to highlight your happily ever after!

    Additional Information:

    • Material: Polyresin (Clay like)
    • Height: 8.5” Tall
    • Base: 5”
    • Additional decorations not included
    • Uses: Wedding. Party, Anniversary, Birthday Cake Decoration


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