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90" x 90" 90" x 90"

90" x 90" Champagne Premium Sequin Square Overlay

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Size: 90" x 90"

Quantity: 1 Table Overlay
Material: Glistening Round Sequins atop Fabric
Color: Champagne
Measurements: 90" x 90"
Edges: Serged
Seamless, 1 pc design
How to Care: Dry clean only.


Duchess Sequin Overlay

Do you strive to bewilder and bewitch your guests with the shimmer and glimmer of your lifestyle? This glittery overlay is specially designed and crafted to make your guests and bystanders awestruck at your opulence, generosity and grandeur. The duchess sequin table overlay is made from the deluxe fabric and exhibit glorious and catchy appeal.

Square Table Overlay

This startling overlay is perfect to greet the guests at glance with its outstanding shine and elegance. It will surely satisfy the visual craving of the guests at the parties. Duchess sequin has an irrefutable charm and throughout detail of sequins. Shimmery sequins are brilliantly stitched to ensure no piece of the cloth is left out.

Elegant & Appealing

This charismatic Duchess Sequin table overlay has a royal feel and impact that will leave long lasting impression on your invitees minds.

Additional Information:

  • Measurements: 90"x90" Square.
  • Edges are Serged.
  • How to Care: Please use dry clean only.
  • Material: glistening round sequins atop fabric
  • Uses: Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration