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Crinkle Taffeta Fabric Bolt 12" x 10Yards - Lavender

Item Number: CRNK_1210_LAV

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$10.14 Retail Price

  • Fabric Bolt measuring approximately 12" x 10 yards.
  • Material: Crinkle Taffeta
  • These fabric bolts are perfect for draping tables, ceilings, walls, and can also be used to fuel your own creativity.

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Combining the glistening sheen of soft metallic tone taffeta with liveliness of charming crinkles, we present this glam fabric that is crafted solely to satisfy the fashion desires of the privileged. Bold, beautiful, and so breathtaking! This deluxe fabric is sure to leave people enticed and envied by your upscale presentation. Perfect to fashion those front page luminaries’ apparels and gowns, or draping your walls, pillars, tables and chairs in lush luxury.  Let this exquisite fabric enchant the entire ambiance of your special event with its seamless luster and upscale look. Blending the modern flair with traditional sophistication, this magnum opus is simply magnificent. Craft custom size tablecloths, table linens, table runners, chair sashes, chair covers, backdrops, aisle runners, bows, and other decorative accents to achieve the excellence of class and vibrancy. The lovely crinkles accented all over the surface coupled with the impeccable metallic glint of lustrous taffeta will impart an imperial sublimity to whatever you adorn with it.

  • Fabric Bolt measuring approximately 12" x 10 yards.
  • Material: Crinkle Taffeta
  • Uses: Backdrops, Dress Making, Prom Dresses, Runners, Hanging Decor, Draping Tables and Ceilings, DIY