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Pack of 2 - 10" Red Disco Mirror Ball - Large Disco Ball with Hanging Swivel Ring

Item Number: FOAM_BALL_MIR_10_RED

Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
Pack of 2 - 10
$18.27 Sale Price (Only $9.13 each disco ball)
$29.23 Retail Price

QTY: 2 Disco Balls
Style: Glass Mirrored Disco Ball
Material: Foam Ball with Tiny Square Mirrors
Color: Red
Ball Diameter: 10"
Comes with a 1" Metal Hanging String
Tiny Mirrors reflect lights beautifully across the walls and ceiling
Can be used in 70's disco party, dance party, wedding, birthday party, and Christmas tree decoration.
NOTE: Comes with Spare Square Mirrors
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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Shiny Reflective Glass

Covered impeccably with tons of shiny reflecting glass mirror pieces, these disco balls will transform any space into a groovy dance floor by bouncing the playful colors and lurid lights all around.

Creates Glamorous Glow

Hang these sprightly mirror ball from your Christmas tree, Window Panes, Curtain Rods, Roof and Ceiling Drapes, or fill in Clear Glass Vases, Jars, and Pots to create glamorous glowing masterpieces. Each party disco ball is equipped with a 1 inch metal hanging string at the top for easy hanging and decoration.



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