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PARTY OF THE YEAR! Tinsel Garland Silver 9ft Long x 7 Wide

Item Number: GLIT_1285_SILV


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: Approx. 9′ long x 7" Wide

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Once in awhile, you surely get in the mood to throw a party like no other. Lots and lots of colors, lots and lots of noise, and of course, lots and lots of strange yet fun items. Those parties are definitely hard to grow out of your system and you look forward to reliving those nights if it was possible.

The PARTY OF THE YEAR! tinsel garland has been created for the party that takes things to a whole new level where things are expected to show extravagance and energy. Hang it on doors, across the ceilings or weave through your staircase. The key is nothing must be kept plain and boring and creating an exciting fantasy world is NUMBER ONE on your list.

Feel free to use for Victory Parties, Graduation Parties, Mardi Gras and all those once in a lifetime triumphant moments!

Decorating just became more fun thanks to Party Supplies!

Additional Information:
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: Approx. 9ft long x 7in Wide