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20x20" Flocking Napkins 5pcs
Size Linens: 20 x 20 in
Color: Black
Material: Velvet, Taffeta

20x20" Flocking Napkins 5pcs

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Price: $5.82
40% Off Price: $3.49
Flocking 20x20" Taffeta Napkins 5pcs

We saw the overwhelming demand for flocking/damask linens and how it just added another dimension to any event and decided to make your event more complete. Definitely, if you've loved the tablecloths, chaircovers, table runners, overlays, then you must have the napkins to match. Fold them into animals or any lovely shape and watch how they just make your event stand more UNIQUE over others.

Regular napkins of hotels, resorts, cruise lines, bars and restaurants will pale next to these high unique napkins.

note: meant for display and not really for wiping unless you do not intend to reuse for future events

How to Care: Dry Clean only.
Material: 100% Taffeta Fabric
Approximate Measurements:20" x 20" size
Edges are hemmed

If napkins are opened / used - Item will not be eligible for exchange or refund.