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Meet Our New Arrivals: Stunning Collection of Curtains

Every interior designer will tell you that good décor is all about details. They will also tell you that curtains are among those significant details that work miracles to any space. Our new collection of curtains will not just pull your décor together but inspire you to throw a party. Even if there’s no occasion ahead. Read on if intrigued. Blackout & Soundproof Curtains Do you know how to save money and time for sleep at the same time? Meet our stunning collection of blackout and soundproof curtains. Due to their triple weave construction, these fabulous brainchildren of innovation will...

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Décor Ideas for a Starry Celebration

If you’re looking for a unique yet simple party theme for your event, we know that it’s not easy to find one let alone putting it together for your décor. Planning your little boy or girl’s birthday or a baby shower that’s a little more out-of-the-box is doable with just a little imagination and some good inspiration. Since stars, moons and golden/silver hues are great gender-neutral elements for a party décor, we have put together some ideas for a ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ themed party décor to get your creativity flowing. From creating a gorgeous backdrop to setting up a fabulous tablescape and centerpieces, this guide will help you throw a magical and starry party.

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Enjoy Our Prime Opportunity Sitewide 20% Sale on July 15-17!

As a thrifty bride-to-be or an experienced event planner, you might know that the biggest Amazon sale of the year – the Prime Day – is just around the corner. It begins on July 15 and lasts 48 hours, meaning that it is the longest Prime Day sale in Amazon’s history and gazillions of deals will flood their website. At the same time, while experts recommend using this opportunity to get Amazon-branded devices (everything from Echo devices to Fire Tablets) at a rock-bottom price, there is a better option when it comes to partyware. Though our high-quality goodies are already inexpensive, the sky’s the limit at With that being said, we are pleased to announce our own Prime Opportunity Sitewide 20% Sale, which collides with that of Amazon and is running through July 17!

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Sprinkle Your Summer with a Cute Ice Cream and Sprinkles Themed Party

Ice Cream and Sprinkles Theme

We all know that some objects seem to carry an intrinsic joy; like bubbles, balloons and ice cream! These simple delights of childhood make children squeal with joy and put a smile on grownups faces too! While pool parties are definitely a summer staple for social events, ice cream and sprinkles make the most brilliant and delicious party theme for children and adults alike. To save you from the hassle of spending countless hours surfing the internet in search of ideas for your ice cream and sprinkles themed party, we’ve put together a list of everything you will need to host...

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Personalize Easily with eFavormart

When it comes to weddings and other significant occasions, they are all about personalization – from writing vows to creating a mouthwatering menu from scratch. And while food, music, and ceremony are traditionally yours, why not make décor speak in your own voice as well? To be honest, there are lots of ways to weave your creative “self” into your reception hall. For instance, if you are a jack-of-all-trades, you can consider embroidering your and your spouse’s names on a table runner or create a huge monogram using rose petals. However, in case you are not a DIY person, or your schedule doesn’t allow you to go for experiments, you can consider hot foil stamped decorations and party supplies from

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Stunning Ideas for a Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorn Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your little girl who adores unicorns? Throw her a unique and magical unicorn-themed birthday party to make her fantasies come true! Unicorns are fanciful magical beings of the fantasy world and are often depicted as very cute and colorful creatures that are highly adorned by kids all over the world. There are so many fun-filled ideas for the unicorn-themed party decor and we’ve rounded up our favorite ones to give you a head start on planning your little munchkin’s special day!

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Tips for Throwing an Amazing Hawaiian Themed Party

Looking for a tropical theme to celebrate your summer soiree? For a festive and interactive party that everyone can enjoy, a Hawaiian themed party is one of the most popular themes around. After all, who doesn’t want to spend a day having fun in a tropical paradise? Whether you’re planning the perfect and exotic getaway, or trying to add some tropical flavor to your soiree these Luau-themed party ideas will bring a Hawaiian flair to all your tropical summer celebrations.

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A Tantalizing Dessert Station to Wish America’s Independence Happy B-Day

How’s your summer? It’s hard to believe, but June is almost over, and the Fourth of July is just a few days away from us! Have you planned anything for your Independence Day party? Whether you have something in your mind or not, chances are your fete won’t be complete without a themed dessert station. We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t wait for the holiday to come and have already assembled a fascinating candy bar, which oozes the spirit of patriotism all around. In this blog, you’ll learn how easy it is to bring it to life! Backdrop...

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