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Material: Acrylic

6" Diameter x 53" Drop Lovely Queens Earrings Chandelier - Silver

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Price: $74.98
40% Off Price: $44.99
Meant to drop endlessly down your tall hallway or event ballroom. Truly, exceptionally lovely when you use many of them within your festivities. The Queen’s Earrings Chandelier adds that luxury and stylish feel to any location. You won’t be surprised to find them in a mansion, a six-star hotel / restaurant or at a exclusive resort. They symbolize high status, riches and a great style all rolled into one. If this chandelier is calling out to you, then definitely, you are its master and it will make wonders happen for you!

At, you’ve gotta love all the lovely items that just seem to call out to you!

Additional Information:
Diameter: Approx. 6" square
Chandelier Drop: Approx. 53” at the longest point
Chain Count: 33 Strands per Chandelier
Material: Shiny plastic silver beads
Additional Accessories: comes with chain and hanging hook for ready-to-use execution