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Color: Lime Green
Flower Type: Agapanthus

36 Agapanthus Bush - Lime

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Price: $57.74
40% Off Price: $34.64

4 x Silk Agapanthus Bushes

Have limited budget for real agapanthus Bush? Our beautiful agapanthus bush selection is your ideal choice to create the cheerful atmosphere. The vibrant color makes the silk mum bush the wonderful piece to go with any types of celebration. This gorgeous flower is care free and will be the décor essence to add a touch in your wedding decoration. Assorted colors available. 

Flower meaning: Agapanthus - Immortality, Forever lasting

Flower bunch: 4" wide x 3" tall
Height of the entire bush - 21"
Length of Stem for each flower: - 11"-12" (varies)
Qty per order:  9  Agapanthus bunches on a bush.  4 bushes per order.  Photo shows 1 bush.