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Size Decorations: 21 x 11 in
Color: Silver

DIAMOND LABEL - 21" x 11" Adhesive Silver

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Price: $13.32
40% Off Price: $7.99
Fast. Elegant. And Jaw-dropping.

Simply scissor the amount you need or the shape you want and stick it on your centerpiece vase, bouquet, treasured item or simply anything you want to showcase. The ENDLESS DIAMOND look you've always wanted is now in a larger size and even easier to use form to create yet another Award-Winning look for you. So, from plain, you can now turn an entire event area in FAB in no time with the quick and effective Diamond Label.

Truly, the brilliant, elegant and much sought-after qualities of the Diamond Label will be equated to you if you choose to make it your signature style.

Additional Information:

Material: Shiny Plastic Diamonds with an easy-to-use adhesive back
Dimensions: Approx. 21" x 11" Diamond Sheet

Note: Once you apply the Diamond Label to a surface, peeling it off may prove difficult and also leave behind an adhesive residue