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When you need a bit more bling at your event, our large selection of decorative wedding supplies is exactly what you’re looking for. As a top wedding supply website, eFavormart stocks decorations that range from the beautiful to the intimate to the whimsical. Silk rose petals and rose garlands in a range of colors make eye-catching garnishes for a fairytale wedding. Votive candles work well for smaller weddings, where the mood is personal and heartfelt. Silver and gold wedding bells sound the joy and merriment at your union. And colorful acrylic ice, spread over square, rectangular, or round tablecloths, is a great way to spice up the look of any reception, regardless of the size.

Linen, Acrylic, LED Backdrops
Set yourself apart with GRAND linens, acrylics and LEDs. Think GRAND. And make it happen with Backdrops.
Acrylic Diamond Chandelier Collection
Let the diamonds sparkle brightly atop your culminating event.
Mirror, Mirror On the...
Theres no point making the fairest of them all if theres no mirror reflection
Alluring Manzanita Displays
In your casegemstones, fairies and spotlights do grow on trees because you are one-of-a-kind
Stylish LED Lights
Lighting can definitely turn beauty into 5x more spectacular!
Endless Diamonds Rolls
Some occasions simply demand that everything be diamond-wrapped
Paper Lantern
Variety of Paper Lanterns from 12" diamater to huge 30" jumbo size.
Festive Pom Pom Balls
Deck the halls with....
My Big Project Organza
To make big events happen, you need quality big things.
Celebration Balloons
No better way to mesmerize than to color the tops with balloons
Acrylic Ice
Assortment of unique decorations that will go well on favors & other deocarations.
Kissing Balls
Easy-to-use. Just hang anywhere and everybody can start holding hands and...
assorted styles diamond collection
We've got Acrylic Diamonds of all sizes to make your Sparkling Vision come true.
Acrylic Diamond Raindrops
Make it rain diamonds with our colorful selections of hanging acrylic diamonds.
Stick-On Jewelry Collection
What better way of expressing your fondest emotions for someone than with stick-on jewelry...
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