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Color: White
Flower Type: Peach Blossoms

The Emperors Favorite Peach Blossoms - 5 White bushes

Item Number:
Price: $34.64
40% Off Price: $20.78
The Emperor’s Favorite Peach Blossoms

Royal Families in the East definitely always have these Peach Blossoms at home since they represent abundant sunshine, good air flow and nutritious flowing waters –which are all signs of great foundations and wealth hence the title *Emperor’s Favorite*. If you believe in Good Luck, then you definitely want this silk flower.

Of course, these silk flower Silk Blossoms are simply elegant on their own. Simply top on a slender vase (ex. Eiffel Tower Vase) or submerge in a cylinder vase. With this flower, less is MORE.

Here at, we’re bringing you flowers that are not only beautiful, but easy to work with, and most of all, symbolize ETERNAL PROSPERITY.

Additional Information:

-each order is for 5 bushes
-each bush has 12 stems
-each stem is Approx. 18"
-bushes are Approx. 11" wide when bunched together