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5 Glitter Frenzy Bush Red
5 Glitter Frenzy Bush Red
Color: Red
Material: Plastic

4 Glitter Frenzy Bush - Red

Item Number:
Price: $33.32
40% Off Price: $19.99
Glitter Frenzy

Glittered Twirls, Drops, Leafs, Beads and Stalks all in ONE BUNCH. A definite spectacle to behold to make that celebration you had in mind timeless. This pre-sorted variety of glitter decorations is perfect for using as is or in combination with other bunches or other glitter products. If you want a spectacular display at your party, then bedazzle your audience in GLITTER FRENZY.

Items are made from aluminum and covered in glitters which makes them bendable to your various needs.

Additional Information:

Total Height of Bunch: Approx. 17 in tall
Total Width of Bunch (when bunched together): Approx. 5 in wide

Types of Individual Glitters in the bunch:

Round Drops/Orbs: Stalk measures Approx. 4-9 in with Drop-size at Approx: 1-1 ¼ in diameter (5 Drops per bunch; 1 stalk has 1 drop; stalks holding up drops are not glittered)
Leaf/Fern: Approx. 7in long x 3in wide (bottom of leafs are not glittered)
Beads: Stalk measures Approx. 14 ½ in long with Bead-size Approx. ¼ in diameter (6 stalks with beads per bunch; 6 beads per stalk; beads are 2 in apart from each other)
Twirls: Twirl Stem 4-9 in long; Approx. 2 ½ in diameter each twirl(3 twirls per bunch)
Stalks/Stems: Approx. 14in long (12-16 stalks per bunch)