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Size Linens: 72 x 72 in
Color: Red
Theme: Chevron
Material: Satin
Quality: Standard

72" x 72" Jazzed Up Chevron Overlays Red/White

Material: satin
Size: Approx. 72" x 72"
Item Number:
Price: $12.48
40% Off Price: $7.49
The appealing chevron design mimics the vivaciousness of dancing waves that always continue flowing with the current. This trendy zig-zag design is truly pleasing to eyes and a mesmeric attraction to cheerful guests who will be snapping classy selfies with your chevron accented tablescape. Besides waves, the continuous motion of this zig-zag design represents all positive things like musical beats, shifting moods, heartbeat, in fact everything that is thriving with the exuberance of being alive. This jazzy chevron design is a picture perfect choice for accenting your wedding or banquet tables.

Additional Information:
Material: satin
Size: Approx. 72" x 72"