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Theme: Hearts
Material: Plastic

LOVE Measuring Tape Favor- Chocolate

Measurer: 2" x 2"
Box: 3" x 2"
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Price: $1.46
40% Off Price: $0.87
LOVE, these four letters are the most powerful and effective words in the entire universe. They are strong enough to melt the hardest of hearts, and effective enough to remove the treachery of a miserable. Love is a passion that surpasses all other emotions, and combines all other feelings to create a perfect harmony of body and soul. Love fuses kindness, devotion, sincerity, endurance, glee, bliss, contentment and faith together to create the sentiment that is most elevated. Give our LOVE measuring tape favor to your guests to remind them of this elevated passion that is devoid of any measurement and limit. Our portable and practical LOVE favor serves dual purposes of measuring anything except your infinite and unmeasurable love for your loved ones, and an absolutely stylish keychain. This square shaped measurer features the magical for letters LOVE printed on the surface and the loveliness is accentuated with an eye-catching heart attached for the pull. This measure is stylish and very simple to use, with just a push of the button, the tape can easily be retracted. This posh and portable favor comes in gorgeously packed and ribbon accented gift box, with a sweet thankyou tag to add a perfect finish to your gift.

Additional Information:
Measurer: 2" x 2"
Box: 3" x 2"