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Color: Assorted

192" Meteor Rain Lights Sequential LED Assorted Colors

Item Number:
Price: $41.65
40% Off Price: $24.99
Glam up your event with the fantastic Meteor Rain LEDs. If you have trees with branches indoors or outdoors, you definitely want to hang these light tubes on them to create that Sequential Meteor Shower / Meteor Rain Falling effect and draw a lot of attention and get people buzzing with energy. When you string up a lot of these engaging beautiful lights at your event, the total look is truly romantic or resort-like. Best used when surrounding light source are dimmed for that truly majestic effect.

If you want to decorate all around and not just in one area, the can bring you that total look!

Additional Information:
Tube Lights Per Order: 8 Tubes
LED Count per Tube: Each Tube has 17 LEDs visible back and forth
Tube Length: Each Tube Light is Approx. 12" long
Length of Hanging Cable: Tube lights stretch out to Approx. 192" including power cord
Power Usage: 110V
Waterproof: Yes
Special Features: the LEDs turns on and off one by one in sequence
Color Transitions: Red(Top), Green(Middle), Blue (Bottom)