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84 Large JUBILEE Carnations - Orange

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84 Large JUBILEE Carnations

Did something big just happen? Then normal wont cut it!

JUBILEE Carnations are especially crafted to celebrate your ***TWO THUMBS UP!*** moment, which is why weve made the pom-pon-like Carnations bigger than ordinary. This means larger and brighter colors which represents you at your most Jubilant moment let these flowers symbolize everyones Colorful Standing Ovation for your at your pinnacle moment!!!

At, we believe in making each celebration bigger than the last while keeping costs all the same.


-7 flowers/bush; 12 bushes per bag; 84 Carnations total
-Approx. 3 1/2" flower opening; Approx. 2" flower height
-Top-to-Bottom height of bush, Approx. 15"