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Color: Green
Flower Type: Greenery

4 x Piggyback 'Youth' Bushes - Green

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Price: $23.09
40% Off Price: $13.85
The special quality about the piggyback plant is that it's always growing. New leaves sprout from parent leaves and when the leaves do fall to the ground, they take root and grow into a new plant. And even though the silk flower version we sell is only symbolic of these --in your heart, you know it's what best describes you and your partner: resilient and gets past ups and down. All things will eventually fade, but you know your spiritual youth will always remain and ever growing.

Just like you, also always grow in our selections and colors.

Additional Information:
Count: One order is for 4 bushes. Each bush has 12 stems and 68 leafs.
Leaf size: Each calladium leaf is a mix of Approx. 3.25" and Approx. 2" leafs
Dimensions: Each bush stands at Approx. 13" tall and stretches to Approx. 12" wide