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4/Set Snazzy Wave Mirrors
4/Set Snazzy Wave Mirrors
Material: Glass

4/Set Snazzy Wave Mirrors

Item Number:
Price: $18.32
40% Off Price: $10.99

Set of 4 Snazzy Wave Mirrors

If you want to reflect more than ordinary, then these are the mirrors for you. Top with votive candles, festive flowers, wedding centerpieces and various party favors and you'll definitely create a wave of cheers. Fashioned to create the perfect elegant curves, in addtion to, reflecting high-class style, we bring you these darling mirrors at a bargain price. Why settle for 'nice' when you can go for a WAVE of *applause* with Snazzy Wave Mirrors.

Dimensions: Approx. 12"x10"

Note: Each order is for 4 mirrors due to special packaging required. Also included are sticky pad for mounting on the wall if desired. Lastly, sale is for mirrors alone -other decorations not included.

Added effect: (1)link wave mirrors side by side, or (2) from one end to another for a larger or longer mirror for that MORE grandeur display.

Edges: NOT beveled