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7 Peacock Onion Grass Red
7 Peacock Onion Grass Red
Color: Red
Flower Type: Onion Grass

6 Peacock Onion Grass - Red

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Price: $28.86
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48" Onion Grass with Peacock Feathers - Set of 6 Bushes

These decorative onion grass goes great with our Eiffel Tower Vases.  In the photo, that is displaying 3 bushes.  Each bush contains 3 peacock feathers.
Photo #2 with the vases - that is a 28" Eiffel Tower Vase with 3 Bushes of the Peacock Feather.

Note:  This is artificial flower, not real grass
Feathers are real feathers. Because they are real, some imperfections may exist, and is normal.

Size: 16" stem + 32" grass / feather length.