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10 Yards LED Vanity Fairy Lights w/ Wall Plug - White

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A thing of beauty MUST DEFINITELY sparkle. If youre PROUD of your work then let it SHINE. Your work represents YOUR BEAUTY and your imagination, so it deserves to be wrapped in the spotlights that these little Vanity Lights represents. Definitely, they are made for your centerpieces. And most definitely if wrap them around branches or any Extra Large Accessories that you are using in order to highlight each part and make your centerpiece truly feel magnificent.

Beauty, Brains, Imagination.that is who you are, so let make you SHINE!

Additional Information:
Length: Approx. 10 Yards long with an LED bulb every 3.5 for a total of 100 bulbs
Plug: Class 2 Power Supply need with 100-240V AC. Included AC cord is 4FT long.
Use: Will work with USA regular wall plug. Can work for International wall plugs but will need Power Adapter but does not require Power Converter.

Note: 1 oder is for vanity lights only, additional decorations not included.