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Color: Silver

WALLSTREET-STYLE Endless Diamond Roll 4.5x10 yards/roll Silver

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WALLSTREET-STYLE Endless Diamond Roll – 4.5”x10 yards/roll

Are you known to be someone who just want to climb the highest peak? If you just shouted YES, then you probably want everything to not only sparkle but to have something extra special on top just like the rhinestone-like detail on each square of this roll. You definitely strive to not be ordinary and to shower things with GLITZ and STYLE which makes this roll truly work best with a HIGH-ROLLER such as yourself. Let your audience feel your passion and direction and feel the Warmth and Grandiosity of your style that is defined to be Wallstreet Excellence.

This endless diamond roll not only sparkles and shines but also comes in an unlimited quantity – OVER 10 YARDS LONG! No need to worry about scarce quantity or not having enough…you certainly have more than enough to drape these diamonds on the ceilings, on the table, centerpieces and even for wrapping lovely favors! Surround yourself with the most beautiful of all of nature’s elements –the Diamond- and make your guests awestruck with the sheer quantities of the PAR EXCELLENCE diamonds you have shining down on them.

At, we will make all things you love, ENDLESS!

Material: Shiny Plastic
Dimensions: 4.5"x10 yards only
Best uses: GREAT for decorating vases and almost everthing else!!! Perfect as a smooth, easy-to-carry bouquet holder too

note: 1 order is for 1 roll only