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Theme: Hearts
Material: Ceramic

Salt & Pepper Favor - Love

Approximate Measurement:
Bottle: 1.5L x 1.5W x 2.5H
Box: 3L x 1.5W x 2.5H
Clear box, ribbon and tag are included
Item Number:
Price: $3.45
40% Off Price: $2.07
Nothing can beat this pleasant and delightful set of salt and pepper shakers that display the most captivating and powerful four letter word, stylishly engraved on the finely polished ceramic surface. The word that softens the hardest of hearts, which ends the misery of an aching heart, and makes one feel alive and ecstatic; LOVE, the ingredient to add that blissful flavor in life that lets your heart bloom with joy and your eyes sparkle with the twinkles of contentment lie in these four letters. The very sight of these powerful letters, engraved in capitals on the shakers to heighten their impact, makes one feel jubilant and exulted. Let this message of love transform your banquet table into a completely romantic realm. Shake some more passion and fun into your culinary event with our modern style pair of salt and pepper shakers. Always standing closely together to convey the true message of love, these shakers make a hearty and handy favor for weddings, birthdays, showers, and other special events. Season your food by shaking some flavor into your meal. Spread this message of love to your beloved invitees by presenting them these lovely mementos, let them cherish the beautiful memories of your special day daily by making these shakers an essential part of their family meal.

Additional nformation:
Approximate Measurement:
Bottle: 1.5" L x 1.5" W x 2.5" H
Box: 3L x 1.5" W x 2.5" H
Clear box, ribbon and tag are included