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Yardage: 25
Width: 2.5 in
Color: Pink
Style: Mesh
Material: Polyester Mesh

What a MESH! 2.5 x 25yards Shiny Ribbons Pink

Item Number:
Price: $9.23
40% Off Price: $5.54
What a great way to brighten up those giveaway boxes, those vases, those candles and many more lovely things that can still use a tad more of your sparkling personality. This versatile item can be used as you would a regular ribbon or you can use them to cover a span of area in color and sparkle by simply twirling it around to create volume and ‘voila!’ –what was once plain is now fairytale-like.

Mix it with flowers, rhinestone stickers and various decorating supplies to create that more magical atmosphere.

Additional Information:
Size: Approx. 2.5” x 25yards
Material: Sparkling Mesh
Count: One order is for 1 pc ribbon only