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Material: Acrylic

8.5" Diameter x 48" Drop 'Enchanted Dance' Acrylic Spiral Diamond Chandelier - Clear

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Price: $99.98
40% Off Price: $59.99
Made to mimic elegant motion that is simply most-pleasing to the eyes, these Enchanted Dance chandeliers are meant to be used for events with guests of ‘picky’ taste. No doubt the dance—like appearance and colorful sparkle of these chandeliers will definitely hit the mark in delivering a high-class sophisticated feel that would definitely rival any 5-star atmosphere.

Definitely use multiple of these Enchanted Dance Diamond Chandeliers to make an event like no other. Once lighted and hung, everyone’s eyes will surely be mesmerized, lips with extend into wide smiles and hearts will start pounding with excitement. If this is what you want, then the Enchanted Dance will definitely dance its way into your audience’s hearts.

Elegance, Sparkle and Color is definitely what you’ve always come to expect from

Additional Information:
Ring Diameter: Approx. 8.5” Outer Ring and Approx. 7” Inner Ring
Chandelier Drop: Approx. 4ft or 48” at the longest point
Material: Acrylic Diamond
Spacing: Chains holding the beaded diamonds are spaced ½” apart
Additional Accessories: comes with chain and hanging hook for ready-to-use execution
Lighting: uses standard light bulb (not included in purchase)
Note: No Fairy lights LEDs included with purchase. Please purchase by clicking this link Fairy Lights