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Material: Acrylic

4 Tier Crystal Pendant Lighting Diamond Chandelier - 36" Long centerpiece

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Price: $116.65
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Extending from high-up the ceiling, all the way down for you to reach and want to climb. Not to mention, for angel's to come down from Heaven to bless you with more love, happiness and good fortune. This beautiful chandelier will definitely keep the eyes moving up and down, while making the hand desire to touch and brush the endless sparkling acrylic diamonds. And just like the countless diamond beads that make up this chandelier, the smiles, the awes and bewilderment will be countless at your event when you hang many of these beauties and shine them with colorful lights.

If you want that MADE IN HEAVEN experience, then this long, slender and inspiring chandelier will be up to it. is here to make that Heavenly experience possible for you to create in real life.

Additional Information:
Ring Diameters (4-Tier): 1st Approx. 9"; 2nd Approx. 7"; 3rd Approx.6"; 4th Approx. 4"
Chandelier Drop: Approx. 36” at the longest point; Each tier has Approx. 10" drop acrylic beads and tiers are apart Approx. 8" from each other
Material: Acrylic Diamond
Additional Accessories: comes with chain and hanging hook for ready-to-use execution

Note: No LEDs included with purchase. Please purchase by clicking this link LED