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Centerpiece LED

You can light up your wedding celebrations in various styles with our LED centerpieces. You may use our lighted table centerpieces as they are, or place them inside a fish tank, or hang them from your wedding drapes or arches – you can be as innovative as you want to be! This way, your guests will not be able to forget your LED light centerpieces wedding after the event is long past.

You can add glitz to your dining table with our blue waterproof LED light placed inside a clear vase! Similarly, you can scatter our red waterproof LED light all around to make your event vibrant! Next, based on your party theme - you may use our white LED vase lights to focus on a centrepiece or illuminate the entire banquet and make it radiant.

Mesmerize your guests with our gold Manzanita tree with LED lights on your tabletop. You may add on a few ribbons, lace or sequins to enhance its exuberance! Or else, opt for our white cherry blossom LED tree that remains an eternal favourite due to its simplicity and glitter. Now complete your party decorations by placing our cylinder LED paper lanterns on your tabletop or hanging them from curtain rods to enhance the festivities.

At, we strive to offer you trendy and innovative products. Our LED centerpieces for weddings are beautiful and durable too. This means that you may use them for your other functions also. Visit us to explore our wide range of options that would suit the theme of your function perfectly.

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