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5 x Burgundy Hydrangea Bush
5 x Burgundy Hydrangea Bush
Color: Burgundy
Flower Type: Hydrangea

4 x Burgundy Hydrangea Bush

Item Number:
Price: $45.32
40% Off Price: $27.19
"Wedding flowers are so lovely and everyone wants them, but they are extortionately priced and wilt within hours of transport. Our hydrangea bushes offer the same level of beauty, at a fraction of the price of real wedding flowers. Our lovely silk hydrangea bushes look and feel lifelike and could fool anyone. With the wide selection of colors we offer, you will surely find one to go perfectly with your theme.
Additional Information:
- Can be used as a single large bush, or separately into 7 small bunches ( heads).
- Each order is for 4 large bushes containing multiple bunches ( heads).
- Bush: 5""
- Stem: 18"" long

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Silk or Real
Amy Facer (Florida) 12/23/2015 11:13 AM
Absolutely great service and products, I am so glad I went with Silk Blooms for my wedding flowers as they did not disappoint! The flowers were of great quality and they even looked real, except they don't wilt and I get to keep them forever. They were made exactly as I wanted and I can't fault a single thing, absolutely perfect! Would recommend them to anyone who wants the best quality and something that will last, well worth the money!
Great alternative to the real deal.
Michelle Hill (Detroit) 12/22/2015 2:38 PM
Artificial flowers are a great alternative to the real deal for a couple reasons - They're cheaper, they last longer, and you don't have to worry about keeping them watered and/or fed. Though having real ones from time to time is something to treat yourself from time to time, but if you're wanting them displayed constantly it's an ideal way with the artificial flowers. With these artificial Hydrangea Bush, I'm very pleased with the length of them and that if needed you can cut them to get them to fit. With the vase that I have these work perfectly. Most of the other artificial flowers I'd come across were on the shorter side and they felt much more flimsier. Though these flowers have some length on them, it doesn't take away from the actual arrangement of the flowers. You may have to twist some flowers out from another to make it look fuller, which only takes but a couple of seconds, and you have a beautiful arrangement. I have them sitting on my kitchen table and when my husband arrived home his first question was wanting to know what the occasional was and then how much they costed me. He couldn't believe that they were artificial and not real until he went up to touch them. I knew they were fake - he didn't - so it was not to know that they don't scream "I'M FAKE!" and that they're applying to ones eye.