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If you admire the natural radiance of lush greenery but don’t have a green thumb, fret not! We’ve got you covered with our ravishing range of Artificial Plants and Greenery that looks and feels just like the live plants. Replicating the glossy lustrous texture of fresh foliage and surprisingly lifelike construction and coloration, these faux plants and bushes will transform any drab space into lush and luxurious.

Bring refreshing outdoor inside your home and office space with real touch 19'' Tall Dark Green Artificial Eucalyptus Sprays or Artificial Leather Fern Branches. Display this fake greenery in tall vases or planters and give a fresh and vibrant appeal to your indoors. Our UV Protected Artificial Greenery Plants are ideal both for your indoor and outdoor planting and accenting projects. Choose from 14" Frosted Green Flexible Artificial Eucalyptus Stems, Purple UV Protected Artificial IVY Coleus Leaf Bushes, or 36" Green Flexible Artificial Eucalyptus Stems to create an eye-catching style statement. Give your wedding or special event a touch of natural charm with stunning Greenery Centerpieces, Floral Arrangements, Backdrop Accents, and Vase Decoration. Unlike their natural counterparts, these realistic artificial plants won’t wilt or wither and don’t require any upkeep.

Whatever decorative plants you choose, don’t forget to match it with complementing linens, planters, vases, and faux flowers for a truly exotic effect. Check out the entire Artificial Plants and Greenery line now to breathe life and vivacity to your home and events.

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