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Caribbean Islands Toothpicks - 100 pcs/pack

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100 pcs Caribbean Islands Toothpicks

Yes! The shells that adorn these toothpicks are Genuine. Use them as cute tabletop placeholders or use them to embellish your tantalizing hors d'oeuvre remember, dont be limited. These seashell toothpicks are meant to relax, rejuvenate, lighten up, and color any of your events.

Let this unique item inspire the mood and senses towards the gentle sands and warm breeze that you only get from a Caribbean Vacation. Now, Crafts N Favors lets you bring a piece of the Caribbean paradise onto your table top.

Additional Information

-total of 100 pcs of party toothpicks; each toothpick is topped with one seashell
-each seashell varies in size and color from others as these are REAL
-seashell is about .5 tall + length of wooden pick is 2 long