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Flower Type: Greenery

4 x Frosted Grape Garland

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Price: $57.74
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Frosted Grape leaves & Grapes

Frosted grape garland made to replicate real life grape vines is a perfect way to add color and detail to poles, banisters, or plain table decorations. Our frost leave grape garland adds a stunning twist to any decoration, showing off brightly colored perfect leaves in green, gold and orange and suggests that fall is again upon us. This versatile strand 6' of garland adds an attractive addition to the table; a favorite among our wedding supplies. Our frosted grape garland will certainly bring warmth to your room, even as the chilly weather begins to set in.

Additional Information:
- 4 garlands per order.  ( 1 garland shown on photo )
- Approx 6 ft. long strands
- 4 Cluster of grape bunches each garland
- 104 leaves per garland.