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Scented votive candles create a romantic look and a soothing scent for your ceremony or reception area. If you are a wedding planner or event planner, purchasing wholesale scented candles in bulk can provide you with the best savings. A variety of wholesale scented candles are available for sale here at eFavorMart. Our scented pillar candles and votive candles come in a variety of sizes and colors. Scented votive candles typically come in a 1.75-inch size. Scented pillar candles are typically taller, measuring at 2.75-inches by 3-inches. The size of votive candles make them easy to use throughout a venue.

Greet guests with a string of candles leading up to the ceremony or reception site. Surround centerpieces with lit scented pillar candles. Colorful candles add a pop of color atop a white tablecloth. Scented votive candles can also be used in paper lanterns. Filling window sills and other ledges with romantic colors can help transform a plain reception site into a beautiful venue. Whether you are purchasing candles for your own wedding or your job is to have wedding supplies on hand, buying candles in bulk will help you save money.

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Dolphin Candle Assorted-4pcs
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