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Make a striking decor statement and accentuate the beauty of your decorative candles with ornate Candelabra and Candle Holders to exude mesmeric glow and sumptuous style. Available in a variety of colors, designs, styles, and sizes our candelabra centerpieces and decorative candle holders will surely invoke a majestic allure into your decor. Whether you are looking for stunning centerpieces for your event tables or you want to brighten up your dinner tablescape, our crystal beaded gold candle holder set with votive candles will not only ooze a dramatic radiance but will also add dimension to your table.

However, if grandeur is on the agenda for your royal themed wedding decor opt for gold candelabra, our 12 arm gold cluster candle holder, or 13 arms tall gold crystal beaded candelabra to create a splendid display of extravagance, height, and dimension. Planning to upgrade your fireplace mantel for the holiday season? Arrange a set of metal lantern candle holders in varying sizes and heights on the hearth and bedeck your mantelpiece with our ornate lace design glass hurricane candle holder set for glorious and festive holiday decor. Whereas, if you are looking to usher in a rustic flair to your space for a cozy and warm ambiance, display our small wooden candle holders on your accent tables or coffee table to imbue a radiant sylvan charm. Made from premium natural wood, these wooden candle stands are handcrafted by artisans for that elegant and exclusive finish.

No matter which theme you are going for, the unmatched unique candle holders and modern candelabra collection offered at Efavormart will surely meet your needs. Browse through our sensational range of Candelabra and Candle Holders and effortlessly spruce up your event table decor or interior design!

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