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Tulle & Organza

Do you want to build an elegant room? Embroidered fabric bolts and chiffon fabric rolls will make it possible to craft one of a kind backdrops, table settings and more. Aside from the great savings you’ll find when you buy fabric bolts, you’ll also discover amazing deals with our rolls of tulle, tulle circles and organza fabric wraps. When you’re a DIY bride or event planner who’s looking to buy affordable lengths of wedding tulle to stay in budget – but also stay in style, choose the tulle, damask and organza fabric rolls from

Looking for stunning styles and patterns at a cost you can afford? Find all the patterns and textures you’re looking for in our selection of wedding fabrics including organza fabric, polyester fabric, and chiffon fabric bolts. Layer semitransparent fabric to make the perfect table setting, arrange centerpieces, and craft handmade favors. Pick from patterns like unique leopard fabric prints, popular flocking damask, and eye popping zebra prints to decorate your tables, create impressive backdrops, and dynamic centerpieces. With a full selection of rolls of wedding tulle, satin fabrics, and taffeta fabrics you can even create your own dresses, headpieces, and accessories.


Linen Back Drop
Set yourself apart. Think GRAND.
STYLE ME Ruffle Trims
Get Noticed; the Designer Way!
Ballroom Mini-Rosette Fabric Bolts
Need to make a BIG impact? No problem.
Vistoso Luxury Fabric Bolts
It doesn't get more Luxury Design than this!
Wonderland Rosette Fabric Bolts
Being extravagantly beautiful can do wonders.
The Fashionista Style Fabric Bolt
A style befitting of a master
Go Way Beyond Expectations
Paradise Forest Taffeta Fabric Bolts
The Paradise you've been seeking is here and now
Beverly Hills Wave Fabric Bolts
Want to look Rich and Famous?
Extravaganza Duchess Sequin Bolts
If you've been waiting for GORGEOUS, then here it is!
Unveiling Shiny Fabric Cover
A Nice Protective Layer creates a lot of BUZZ
Glistening Organza
Watch the fabric erupt into dazzling shines once you let light shine through
Sequin Laurels on Lace Fabric
Looking for an exclusive vintage look?
Flocking Damask Fabric
Wrap it with elagance -Wrap it with Flocking Damask Fabrics
Polyester Fabric Bolts
The best designs are those you keep working on. Polyester Bolts will definitely give you plenty of room to reuse these fabrics.
Premier Slub Fabric
This time, beauty is in the creases!
Safari Zebra Fabric Bolts
Add Magnificience to your event by surrounding it with Safari Zebra Fabrics
Glittered Damask Flocking on Organza
Combining Royalty and Fantasy Effect to totally stand out!
Diamond Rolls
Very versatile. Very classy. Very eye-candy. And of course, ENDLESS!
Taffeta Sequin Fabric Bolts
Want that bejeweled look?
Leopard Fabrics
When you want Unique and Magnificent weaved onto fabric, then you definitely want the Cosmopolitan Leopard Linens
Taffeta Crinkle
Don't you just love the texture and elegance that Taffeta Crinkle fabrics brings to your event? 12" width & 54" width available
Embroidered Fabric Bolts
Indoors or Outdoors, these bolts will add personality and uniqueness to your event.
Lustrous Organza
Light, Sparkly and makes anything Stunning
Groovy Dots Organza
Fun, Inspiring and Uplifting
Princess Glitter Dots Organza Fabric
Princesses are spotted miles away thanks to their glitters!
Muchos Besos Embroider
Some fabrics just love to give hugs and kisses
Alluring Sequin Chevron Fabric Bolts
When beauty and splendor needs to come as one
Sequin Inspirations Fabric Bolts
For those crazy about all-things sparkling!
Jazzed Up Satin Chevron Fabric Bolts
Truly an eye-catching personality!
Ever Lovable Satin Stripes Fabric Bolts
Can you go wrong with such a beloved mod style?
Specially Accented Satin
Need to look chic with such a short notice?
Zen Satin Art Fabric Bolts
Find Your Peace
Couture Tulle Fabric Bolts
Start off with a GREAT impression!
Non-Woven Flower Escape Fabric
Take a deep breathe and be lost in the flowers
Sequin Studded Chemical Lace Bolts
An Exclusive Look with an Exclusive Shine
Satin Fabric
Satin fabric in 10yard put-ups. 12" width & 54" width
Fine Rustic Jute Burlap Fabric
Where outdoors and classy meet each other
Shimmering Organza Tulle
Give your Tulle the "Bling Bling" Sparkle
Tasteful Crinkle Chiffon Shiny Fabric
All good materials deserves to shine
Twirl-N-Wrap Mesh Rolls
Mesh rolls perfect for outdoor or indoor decorating, wrapping or entertaining.
Chiffon Fabrics
No better way to make a dazzling impression on others than with this soft and transparent fabric.
Tulle Rolls 6"
100% Nylon Tulle Rolls 25yds & 100yd lots
Tulle Rolls 9",12",15",18"
100% nylon Tulle Rolls in 9", 12", 15", 18" wide format. Comes in 25 yd & 100 yd lots
Organza Wrap
58" x 10yard Organza wraps
54"x40yds Organza Fabric
Large bolts of organza fabric for decoration or dress making needs.
Large Format Tulle
54" x 40 yards, 108" x 50 yards large format tulle
Tulle Circle
100% nylon round tulle. Illusion effect. 9" & 12" Diameter Circles.
Non-Woven Starlight Fabric
Something different with a positive attitude
Non-Woven Heart Shower Fabric
Who doesn't want to be showered with love?
Non-Woven Zen Flocking Damask Fabric
Peace. Serenity. Style....Make every moment count
Non-Woven Prosperity Leafs Fabric
Now, you can be showered with gold or silver anywhere and everywhere!
Non-Woven Friendship Chains Fabric
Some connections truly lasts a lifetime!
Non-Woven Fair Winds & Waters-style Fabric
A traveler makes the wind and water her best friend!
Non-Woven Poinsettia-style Fabric
Are you looking to display Passion and Triumph?
Non-Woven Butterfly Explosion Fabric
No paradise is complete without butterflies
Non-Woven Strong World Fabric
The strong lines simply means to choose to live as a King or Queen
Non-Woven Diva Necklace Fabric
To be a Diva, you need to always be immersed in GOLD or SILVER!
Non-Woven Intricate Lines Fabric
Sit back and watch the lines come to life
Non-Woven Grass-Design Fabric
See something positive each and every time
Non-Woven Dancing Lines Fabric
When you just want to be surrounded with elegant movement
Non-Woven Cracked Shell Fabric
Can you see what lies beyond the cracks?
Non-Woven Thousand Wishes Fabric
Keep your eyes wide-open and always wishful
Non-Woven Paradise Island Fabric
Surround yourself with fertility and abundance
Non-Woven Bubbling With Passion Fabric
Isn't there always something to be Bubbly about?
Flower Power Fabric
When you need to build a world of Flowers!
Flower Shower Nylon Organza Bolts
Get Showered with Flowers, Get Showered with LOVE
PRINCESS Glitters Tulle Bolts
A Princess is always Shining
EXQUISITE Stardust Glitter Net Tulle
Style. Check. Shine Check. Smile. BIG Check.
Dots The Way I Like It Tulle Bolts
Say your MOOD with lovely Polka Dots
Fleur Soft Sheer Lace Fabric Bolts
Care to stare at Sophisticated Florals all day long?
LAVISH Glittered Scrunch Mesh
Want a look never seen before?
Elaborate Surprise Glitter Tulle
Want to see people's eyes gleam with excitement?
Sparkles & Stripes Organza Tulle
BIG FAN of state-of-the-art designs?
Heartwarming Snowflake Organza Bolt
Know anyone out in the cold?
Squares anyone?
Vacation-Style Raffia Bolts
Will surely get you in the mood
DASHING Mirror Foil Fabric Bolts
Who doesn't like the cabaret?
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20ft x 10ft ChicInspiRed Backdrops White
20ft x 10ft Chic-Inspired Backdrops - White
List Price: $209.99
Our Price: $129.99
20ft x 10ft Chic-Inspired Backdrops - White
20ft x 10ft CHAMBURY CASA Fine Rustic Burlap Backdrop Natural Tone
List Price: $299.99
Our Price: $199.99
20ft x 10ft CHAMBURY CASA Fine Rustic Burlap Backdrop  Natural Tone
20ft x 10ft Chic-Inspired Backdrops - Black
List Price: $209.99
Our Price: $129.99
20ft x 10ft Chic-Inspired Backdrops - Black
20ft x 10ft ChicInspiRed Backdrops White
20ft x 10ft Chic-Inspired Backdrops - Ivory
List Price: $209.99
Our Price: $129.99
20ft x 10ft Chic-Inspired Backdrops - Ivory
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