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50x120" | 60x126" | 72x120" Satin Tablecloths


Your guests may like the cocktails, mocktails, and sumptuous meals that you offer them. But that is not all that you need to stand apart from the rest of the generous hosts. A generous host is not known only by what he or she offers but by how he or she offers. The class is in the presentation.

Our standard collection of Satin Tablecloths that come in sizes of 50x120", 60x126", and 72x120" satin table covers is a great way to organize your party in style. Add a WOW factor to your tablescape with these silky, smooth, and shiny 50x120" | 60x126" | 72x120" satin tablecloths. If you want to give a formal look to your tablescape check our rectangle tablecloths and opt for our 60"x126"Silver Satin Rectangular Tablecloth. Our 60"x126" Black Satin Rectangular Tablecloths is another formal option for dining tablecloths. If you want a casual look to your tablescape, go for our 50"x120" Chocolate Satin Tablecloth.

Spread these shimmering table linens sheets atop your drab tables to create a perfect party mood that will leave your guests in complete awe of such a festal decoration. We invite you to take a complete tour of our supreme quality 50x120" | 60x126" | 72x120" satin tablecloths fashioned with utmost care for valuable customers.

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