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7" Round Plates

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7" Round Plates


Present anything from appetizers and salad to lunch and dinner entrees on a 7 inch high-quality plastic plate in chic and exquisite designs! These plates feature durable plastic craftsmanship that is sure to set off the embellishments of almost any event, and they also guarantee that the highlight stays on your culinary work of art.

Make an elegant and sophisticated presentation at your upcoming special event or a festive meal with these classy disposable 7 inch clear plastic plates. Our amazing selection of Twirl gold rimmed plastic plates bulk fuses the convenience of plastic with the charismatic charm of real glass. Twirl your way to your guest's hearts and minds by serving your delectable treats in these delightful bamboo disposable plates. With stylishly twirled rims, these clear plate with gold trim is sure to add a WOW factor to your tablescape.

With these beguiling disposable wood plates bulk, make your cleanup time a cinch for any occasion. Whether it is a jubilant birthday party or a festive wedding reception; these bamboo disposable plates are an ideal choice for main courses, side dishes, salads, cereals, desserts, appetizers, and more. Gorgeous coiled borders in 7 inch clear plastic plates upscale the exquisiteness of this disposable ware. Moreover, the vast array of designs gives you the liberty to arrange your dishware in accordance with your events decor and theme.

These disposable disposable wood plates bulk is hefty and sturdy, thus will avoid the overturning of food while eating. During exciting indoor affairs and summer fun activities, make dining and tidying a breeze with our special 7 inch clear plastic plates. Each 7 inch plastic plate offers a more elegant and sophisticated look compared to the traditional foam and plastic plates. Most of them feature intricate style and detailing on their rims for a more increased visual appeal.

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