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Acrylic Ice and Confetti

Want to bathe in sparkly diamonds on your big day? With our collection of fake ice cubes and other crystal wedding table decorations, you can make this dream come true without breaking the bank. Crafted with the utmost precision and intricacy, our acrylic diamonds catches light and shadow in a way real diamonds do! At the same time, unlike their costly counterparts, they are available in an extensive variety of colors.

In case your clear vases look empty or your tablescape is incomplete, you can mix things up with our acrylic ice rock crystals. To beautify your manzanita trees, walls, or chandeliers you don’t have to make holes in our acrylic ice cubes - instead, consider our crystal garland hanging acrylic crystal raindrops.

Looking for something else to accent these chandelier crystals? Well, don’t worry, no celebration is complete without confetti. At efavormart, we provide you with plenty of ways to sprinkle your festive jubilance everywhere - you can complement your theme with tiny flat replicas of real-life objects, such as our metallic foil birthday cake confetti, or tell the world whatever your heart calls for with our metallic foil wedding party just married confetti or metallic foil birthday party confetti. To discover more confetti options, check out more of our acrylic ice crystals, or see our fabulous 3D DIY butterfly wall decoration stickers, only available at!

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