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Alluring Manzanita Displays

Looking to add a charming natural element to complement your pageant sash display? Or want to surprise your guests with a marvelous wishing tree? Whatever the reason, you’ll never go wrong with amazing, affordable displays of our manzanita trees.

Made of durable glittered plastic, our lovely manzanitas will bedazzle your guests with the mesmeric shimmering that lasts for multiple events. Besides a full selection of colors, these cute adornments are available in three varieties - you can choose between our glittered vogue manzanita centerpiece tabletop decoration tree + 8pcs acrylic chains, luminous battery operated glittered manzanita tree with LED lights + 8pcs acrylic chains, or vogue manzanita centerpiece glittered branches.

Whichever option tickles your fancy, let your imagination run wild - you can adorn our glittered trees with flowers, ribbons, fabric rolls, acrylic ice, or even use pots to make potted manzanita trees. Sounds intriguing? You can find everything mentioned here in our alluring manzanita trees collection here at!

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